What Does Commercial Cleaning Include?

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Blog, Commercial Services

When people hear the words “commercial cleaning,” they’re often taken aback slightly, perhaps left a little bit confused, However, the process is actually rather straightforward. Commercial cleaning is a laundry service available for small and midsize businesses, washing various items, and then packing and returning these to your exact specifications.

For businesses, this type of cleaning can be a lifesaver, reducing the workload on your part, and ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene for your business, whether you run a hotel and need bed sheets, other linen, or pressed suits and ties.

The remainder of this blog post will highlight other areas of commercial cleaning to provide you with greater insight.

Commercial cleaning also includes event items

Commercial cleaning services are a backbone for event items. For example, if planning a conference, party, or another business event, these cleaning services can ensure all linen and washable items are perfectly pressed and clean. Not only can we prepare the event with you, but we also wash all linen after the event too, keeping everything clean and in good care.

Bridal boutiques

If you run a bridal boutique, then washing your dresses can be stressful. These dresses must be washed using the lightest and least abrasive methods, preventing shrinking, tears, and other damage to the garments.

Commercial dry and wet cleaning services can take care of this process for you, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on what matters: selling dresses.

Weddings and other special groups

If you have a wedding planned, then you likely want you and your bridal or groom party to look the very best. Commercial cleaning services can not only wash your suits before and after the event, but press these too, preventing creases, removing stains, and ensuring you look your best on your big day.

Medical and other industries benefit from commercial cleaning

Some industries such as the medical sector require constant cleaning services, whether bed sheets, laboratory coats, or other equipment which is exposed to various bacteria, germs, and even harmful diseases.

Commercial cleaning services ensure these are cleaned appropriately and to the safest specification, increasing safety and hygiene for hospitals, medical units, and other professions and industries.