What Is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet?

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning, Blog

If you’ve ever tried to remove stains and other debris from a carpet, then you likely know how difficult this can be. Carpet cleaning, while it should seem simple, can be challenging, especially if you’re guilty of not cleaning it regularly.

Despite this, cleaning your carpet and removing these nasty stains can help make any room look much better. Not only this, but it’s much more hygienic, prevents a build-up of bacteria, germs, and even mold.

Regular carpet cleaning is essential, and we’re not just talking about vacuuming. This blog post will discuss the best way to clean your carpet, having it looking brand new, transforming any room, and having your friends ask for tips on how to clean there’s. It really is a bragging right, believe us.

Vacuum before properly cleaning

Before properly cleaning your carpet, you should first vacuum to collect any loose dust and other debris. A quick once over should be plenty, allowing you to begin the real work: applying a cleaning solution.

Apply a cleaning solution to begin

When it comes to carpet cleaning solutions, you can either mix your own or purchase a premade one. To create your own, you can mix three parts white vinegar with cold water. Gently apply your solution to the carpet, either targeting stains or slowly working your way across the entire floor.

Let the solution soak in, rub the stains gently with a cloth, and then re-apply if required. This process can be slow, so be patient. Then, once you’ve cleaned the stains and the solution has dried, vacuum the floor again to pick up new loose debris from the stains. This will have your carpet looking new and fresh, removing that nasty build-up of dirt for good.

Regular carpet cleaning is a must

For a routinely clean carpet with an increased lifespan, we recommend regularly keeping up with maintenance. Not only should you perform a deep clean once every one or two weeks, but you should attend to stains and spillage as soon as possible, cleaning this up before it damages your carpet.

If not, you will require more deep cleaning and may ruin your floor, perhaps decreasing the lifespan in the process.

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