What Type of Carpet Is Easiest to Clean?

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

The next time you vacuum, you might notice a little button that switches between hardwood flooring, deep pile carpet, and low pile carpet.

If you don’t already know, there are many different types of carpets. The different types are used throughout your home. For example, you might have a more durable and easier-to-clean carpet in the porch of your home, and a deeper pile carpet in the sitting room.

If you’re thinking about fitting new carpet in your home, then you should consider fitting different types of carpet in different areas of your home.

So, this blog post will explain the different types of carpet, and which type is easiest to clean and best used in various rooms in your home.

What is the easiest carpet to clean?

Nylon carpet is often considered the easiest to clean. The strong nylon fibers are durable and withstand wear and tear, often lasting upwards of fifteen years.

Unlike wool carpets which are often used in the living room/sitting room, nylon carpets are typically used in areas with heavy traffic. Therefore, it’s common to use nylon for your porch, foyer, or other rooms in your home leading outside.

What is the hardest carpet to clean?

Deep pile carpet is the most difficult to clean. This type of carpet is usually used in sitting rooms and other low-traffic areas of the home.

This type of carpet is a lot more snug and comfortable. It’s a lot softer and is used to make a home, well, feel like a home.

While you could use more durable carpet materials such as nylon in low-traffic areas, it’s not as comfortable underfoot, and does not have the same “homely” feel to it.

Use the right type of carpets in each room

If you want your home to feel like a home, it’s essential to use the right carpet in each room in your home.

For example, you wouldn’t want a more abrasive nylon carpet in your sitting room, and a deeper pile carpet in the foyer.

Do your research and shop around for the best carpets.

What about carpet color?

Alongside carpet material, you should consider carpet color.

Unless you’ve never spilled anything in your life, or you have the world’s best cleaners, then it’s typically advised to shop for darker colors.

Dark brown carpet is a great option – it’s better at hiding dirt and does not easily show signs of wear and tear.

Taking care of your carpets

Whether you’ve purchased new carpets recently or not, it’s important to vacuum and clean your carpets regularly.

Aim to vacuum at least once a week and then perform a deeper carpet clean using a cleaning solution one to two times a month. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning to protect your carpets.

To summarize

If you’re thinking of buying new carpets for your home, you should consider your choice of carpet material.

Typically, you want to use deeper pile carpets in low-traffic areas and low pile carpets, tile, hardwood, or nylon carpets in high-foot-traffic areas of your home.

Using the right carpets in each room will extend the lifespan of your carpets. It’ll also make your home feel like a home and less like an office.

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Is nylon or polyester carpet easier to clean?

Nylon carpets are easier to clean than polyester. However, many mid-deep pile polyester carpets are easy to clean. Either way, you’ll want to avoid those red wine stains.

What is the most durable carpet for high-traffic areas?

Nylon is the most durable carpet for high-traffic areas. Whether a foyer, porch, or lobby area, many people rely on nylon.

What are the disadvantages of polyester carpet?

Polyester, although a great carpet choice, is not very resistant to oily stains. Despite this, overall, it’s pretty stain resistant. Just avoid those oils!

What type of carpet is easiest to clean?

Nylon carpets are often the easiest to clean. But using the right carpet in the right room is recommended for the best results.