How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

If you’re getting your carpet cleaned professionally for the first time, you may be wondering how to prepare for carpet cleaning.

What do carpet cleaners need? How tidy does your home need to be? And do you need to put your pets away? These are all questions you’ve likely asked yourself. But don’t worry – we’ll answer these and more in this article.

So, here’s how to prepare for carpet cleaning.

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What to do before the carpet cleaning arrive

When preparing for carpet cleaning, there are a few things you should do. These include:

  • Put pets away
  • Advise us if there is no water or electricity 
  • Ensure there is room to clean the carpet
  • Move furniture before we arrive
  • Leave space in front of the home for parking (if possible)

Continue reading to find out more about each task and how to best prepare.

Put pets away

As much as we love animals, it can be difficult to clean a carpet with pets running around. Therefore, we kindly ask that you put your pets away while we’re there – it allows us to focus on the job, and it keeps your carpet clean.

Besides, wet dog doesn’t really mix with wet carpet. Just think of the smell!

Advise us if there is no water or electricity

Please advise us ahead of time (ideally a few days before, at least) if there is no water or electricity available at the property.

While we can still make carpet cleaning arrangements, we will need to bring different kit – so the sooner you let us know, the better.

If you have further carpet cleaning questions, you can check out our dedicated FAQ page.

Ensure there is room to clean the carpet

While you don’t need to prepare your home as if guests we’re coming to stay, we do ask that there is enough room to clean the carpet.

That includes removing any toys or other obstacles that may be in the way. We’re more than happy to move smaller items, but we can’t move furniture.

Move furniture before we arrive

We ask that you move the furniture before we arrive. This may include moving your couch, television, coffee table, and bookcases, for example.

Moving the furniture allows us to deep clean the carpet easily. If furniture has not been moved, then we can’t clean the entire carpet to our usual high standards. So, if possible, please move the furniture beforehand.

Leave space in front of the home for parking (if possible)

While we understand that it’s not always possible, if you can leave a space in the front of your home, that would be great. When we arrive, we can then park up and unload our van with the necessary equipment, speeding up the whole process.

If you can’t leave a space, then we’ll park as close as we can to the property.

What about after cleaning?

After your carpet has been cleaned by the expert team at EcoCleanTexas, you’ll need to let the carpet dry.

The dry time for most carpets is 4-6 hours, but longer if pet treatment was applied. To speed up the process and to eliminate any damp or nasty odors, we suggest turning on the AC, closing windows, and keeping fans running.

If possible, you’ll want to stay off the carpet and move your furniture and other items back into the room only when the carpet is fully dry.

To summarise

Knowing how to prepare for carpet cleaning makes the process that much easier.

If you can remove furniture, smaller items, put away pets, and do a quick clean before we arrive, then we can get started much sooner. This means a quicker drying time, allowing you to be back in your home and on your carpet the same day (if we begin early).

If you’re interested in carpet cleaning in San Antonio, Texas, then contact the team at EcoClean Texas, or you can call us at (210) 361-8127.

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What to expect when getting carpets cleaned?

Expect a team of professional cleaners who use a mix of techniques to clean your carpets, making them look like new.

Should I vacuum before carpet cleaners come?

While not necessary, we would recommend vacuuming high-traffic areas before the cleaners arrive.