Water Damage Restoration FAQ

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Restoration

This article will answer various frequently asked questions concerning water damage restoration, including how much it costs, what it includes, how to choose the right restoration company for you, and more.

How much does it cost to restore water damage?

If you have experienced water damage in your home, whether the result of an internal leak, due to severe weather, or other circumstances, then you likely know how tricky it can be. Despite this, the cost of water damage restoration services is often not discussed.

You can technically tackle water damage restoration yourself. However, firstly, it may not be as effective, and second, you may lack the necessary equipment and expertise to do the job to the same professional standard. Consequently, this may result in further property damage, a build-up of mold, the spreading of bacteria, and other adverse side effects.

So, how much does it actually cost to restore water damage? This depends on the severity and type of water damage; more on this below.

Black & grey water damage

If your property has sustained black or grey water damage, then you’re looking at a more expensive restoration process. This is because it is more harmful and requires a more precise and safe process to restore the property.

Similarly, if the water damage has spread throughout the property, then it will cost more to treat the whole property as opposed to one room. You may also require full property restoration, i.e. removing damaged and infected beams, drywall, wood, or other materials.

White water damage

If your property has sustained white water damage, then the clean-up process is usually a lot more straightforward. White water damage is water from frozen pipes or sinks and is not harmful. Usually, this requires proper drying and airing of the property and is the least expensive of all water damage restoration options.

What does water damage restoration include

Regardless of what type of water damage your property has sustained, naturally, you are going to be concerned. However, you don’t need to worry – the team at EcoClean Water Damage Restoration and Carpet Cleaning is here to help you.

So, what does it include? Water damage restoration includes the removal of water from the property. This is arguably the most important step. Why? This prevents a build-up of mold, harmful bacteria, and further property damage.

Alongside the removal of water, restoration processes also include professional drying, airing, and cleaning of the property. This is done to return your home to a safe and livable condition. (Removing that damp smell, preventing illness and infection, and helping you put the water damage behind you.)

If the water damage is particularly bad, contractors may need to be brought in to replace carpet, beams, drywall, insulation, and other components. Removing infected furnishings and such is required to make the property safe. Furthermore, belongings can be cleaned and disinfected from harmful bacteria. All properties affected by water damage are ranked on a water damage scale, indicating the severity of the damage and what steps need to be taken to mitigate this.

If you’re unsure of the damage caused by water to your property, it’s always best to ask for a professional opinion.

How do I choose a water damage restoration company?

Many homeowners choose to tackle water damage themselves. However, this can be dangerous. For example, not using the right equipment (or without the correct knowledge) may result in the build-up of mold and harmful bacteria. Moreover, there may be structural damage that you are unaware of that goes unnoticed. Therefore, how do you go about choosing the right water damage restoration company for you? There are many things you need to take into account. But, when choosing a company, you should assess the following:

  • The companies accreditation
  • Their ability to respond immediately
  • Past reviews and portfolio

You should also take into account whether or not the water damage restoration company in Texas can help you with the insurance process, how they respect their customers and their property, and the equipment in which they use.

Read water damage restoration reviews & service pages

A lot of information can be obtained by reading water damage restoration reviews and product pages. In particular, reviews from other customers show how well you can be expected to be treated. Furthermore, you will also discover what the service includes, how long their callout time was, and how good of a job was done.

If you’re looking for a little more information, we recommend checking out their service pages and descriptions. These should provide you with further essential details, allowing you to make the best decision for you and your property.

What do water damage restoration companies look for?

In this last section, we are going to discuss what professionals look for when it comes to water damage restoration. To begin with, the pros will likely ask for your insurance information. This is essential to ensure it’s up to date and that your property covers water damage. However, you may need to contact your insurance provider first.

Second, restoration experts also look for underlying water damage. For example, this may include wet drywall or insulation, deeper structural damage, or the spread of harmful bacteria (even if this cannot be seen). Identifying these issues early is crucial. But why is this the case? This is to prevent the further spread of mold and bacteria, which later may result in infection and a breeding ground that may cause a serious illness.

Finally, a water damage restoration expert will always assess where the leak came from, whether this is internal or external. Finding the source of the water damage or leak is crucial, preventing this from happening again. Furthermore, the site of the damage can be further investigated to increase safety. This also ensures the property is properly disinfected, aired, and dried to create a safe and livable environment.

If you are in need of a water damage restoration Texas expert (or surrounding areas), then contact the team at EcoClean Water Damage Restoration and Carpet Cleaning today. We can help you return your property back to normal in no time whatsoever.