The Do’s & Don’t’s of Rug Care

by | Jun 15, 2021 | How To, Blog

Help Your Rug Live Its’ Best Life!

Area rugs have a special way of adding style and personality to your living space. Just like any other
home investment, rugs need special attention so they can continue living as eye-catchers rather than
Here are the Dos and Don’ts that every rug wants you to follow so they can shine brighter
and last longer!

Area Rug Cleaning

Do: Find out what material your rug is made out of to determine its unique care needs.
Don’t: Toss your rug care tag! Save it as a reference for specific cleaning and repairing techniques
beyond the standard maintenance routine.

Do: Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Dirt and dust enjoy living within rug fibers as if they pay rent. Send them
packing with weekly or bi-weekly vacuum sessions. Remember to vacuum the area beneath your rugs
also, dirt can easily fall through!
Don’t: Vacuum your rug’s precious fringe edges! A vacuum’s intense force can ruin them.

Do: Use carpet sweepers, brushes, or rakes to remove dirt from areas that can’t be cleaned with a
Don’t: Use beater bar vacuums. They stretch rug fibers and damage them in the long run.

Do: Rotate your rugs 2-3 times a year to preserve an even wear, especially if furniture sits on them.
Don’t: Place your indoor rugs near windows or areas that are exposed to heavy moisture. Direct sunlight
can lead to color fading while humidity can cause rugs to age faster.

Do: Have your rugs professionally cleaned every 1-2 years to maintain freshness.
Don’t: Wait for rug discoloration or fiber degradation to occur before calling the pros at EcoClean.

Area Rug Cleaning

Now, what about the classic milk spill? Or when spaghetti night turns into rug stain night? Or the family
kitten uses your rug as a litter box? Let’s talk stain removal.

Be sure to have EcoClean’s Unchained Carpet Stain and Urine Remover stocked in your cabinet.
Purchase a bottle at the EcoClean store (10225 IH 35 N, San Antonio, TX 78233). Safe for families and
furbabies, Unchained is a rug lifesaver that tackles tough stains in a few easy steps:
*The use of gloves and PPE is highly recommended *
● Remove any solids.
● Blot with a clean cloth. Never scrub!
● Mist Unchained over stained area.
● Blot again.
● Repeat as needed.

For harder-to-clean stains or general maintenance, call the EcoClean team – your top-quality rug cleaning resource.
Don’t let a damaged or discolored rug cause a headache, let us help!

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