Prepare for Your Insurance Pack-Out

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Restoration, Blog

Check out our video below on how to prepare for your Insurance Pack Out. Still unsure what is included in an Insurance Pack Out? Read on!

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Recovering from water damage is an aggravating, lengthy process. At EcoClean, it’s our mission to make every restoration project run smoothly. That’s why we offer solutions to any dilemma that comes up!

Whether it’s heavy rain, a busted pipe, or an appliance malfunction to blame for a flood, we’re truly an all-in-one fix. From packing and storing your things to cleaning and reviving your home, we’ve got you covered.

After a storm subsides or the flood’s root cause is taken care of by a plumber, it’s our turn to battle all that unwanted moisture. Our technicians use premium equipment to extract water from the building as well as clean and restore damaged floors.

But what about your stuff? It’s crucial that personal belongings are removed so that repairs can begin. To keep them out of harm’s way, any salvageable items that aren’t permanently secured to the structure (clothes, electronics, artwork, etc.) must be packed and kept elsewhere.

Where, you ask? EcoClean’s warehouse, of course.

Insurance typically covers the packing, moving, and storing of your contents – but check your policy first! If it’s covered, give us the green light and we’ll get to work. Don’t worry about packaging your own items, really! To protect your valuables and prevent our team from being held liable if they shift or break while they’re in your hands, allow our master packers to take over while you relax.

It may seem like a straightforward procedure, but preserving recovered belongings from a flood is much more than just loading them into a box. Sealing damp items in a warm container is a sure way to encourage mold growth and cause extensive damage. Needless to say, having an inexperienced company handle your pack-out can pose unfortunate consequences.

Since your possessions carry meaningful memories and sentiments, handling them with care is our top priority. Our specialists go above and beyond to document every detail of each item. All contents are then thoughtfully packaged, labeled, and organized by room before they’re transported. When they arrive at our climate-controlled facility, you can feel confident that sensitive items will be safe (and dry!) with us at EcoClean.

After the restoration is complete, all personal property contents are returned to their original positions, unharmed.
Seriously, you’d never know they were even moved!

The aftermath of a flood is a difficult time for families, but you can trust that the EcoClean team will minimize loss and stress by protecting your precious belongings as well as restoring your home. For more information about our packing, water restoration services, or anything in between, click here or give us a call–Ask for Pablo!