How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, How To

Wondering how to dry carpet after cleaning?

If you’ve just finished a deep clean, then you should stay off your carpet for at least four hours, but in some cases, even longer.

How long it takes to dry your carpet after cleaning depends on a few factors, including the climate, your method of cleaning, and the urgency to get back into your home.

But you can speed up the process by drying your carpet – here’s how to do it after cleaning.

What is the best way to dry carpet after cleaning?

Once you’ve finished cleaning your carpet, whether with a wet vacuum, a hand wash, or another cleaning method, you’re going to want to dry the carpet.

We recommend the following drying methods:

  • Increase ventilation 
  • Use heat
  • Turn on the air conditioning 
  • Clean your carpet regularly

Increase ventilation

Increase ventilation to help the carpet dry quickly after cleaning.

Open as many windows and doors as possible and use a fan to circulate the air. If it’s winter, it may not be possible, but if you can (and the weather permits), get as much air into your home as you can.

The better the ventilation, the quicker it will dry.

Use heat

Heat is another great option for carpet drying, especially for those living in colder climates.

Turn on a heater or two to speed up the process, but you’ll also want some ventilation to prevent the carpet from becoming and smelling damp.

A good space heater combined with optimal ventilation works wonders for drying your freshly washed carpet.

Turn on the air conditioning

If you can’t open the doors and windows, turn on the AC to help circulate air around your home.

It won’t be fresh air, but it will help get rid of moisture, drying your carpet that little bit quicker. Air conditioning works best paired with added ventilation – open doors and windows to speed it up further.

Clean your carpet regularly

And finally, clean your carpet regularly, so you don’t need to do a deep clean as often.

Carpet cleaning should be done weekly (at the minimum) using a vacuum. You should also clean any stains immediately to prevent these from damaging your carpet and requiring a much deeper clean.

We’d still recommend a deep carpet clean at least once a year, ideally twice a year, but regular cleaning and maintenance are key.

What factors determine how long your carpet takes to dry?

Many factors affect how long it takes for your carpet to dry, such as the size of the carpet, your chosen cleaning method, carpet fabric, humidity, climate, and drying method (amongst other factors).

But following our carpet drying advice, you can fast forward the drying process and be back in your home in no time, enjoying your soft, freshly clean (and dry) carpet.

To finish

There is no right or wrong way to wash a carpet. Similarly, there’s no perfect way to dry a carpet after cleaning.

But using the tips highlighted in this article, you can dry your carpet quicker and more effectively, extending its lifespan and allowing you to get back in your home much sooner.

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Can you walk on wet carpet after a flood?

We’d avoid walking on wet carpet after a flood if possible. Place thick towels over the carpet to help absorb water – you can also walk on these towels.

How can I get my carpet to dry faster after cleaning?

You can try many things to get your carpet to dry faster after cleaning, from increasing ventilation and turning on the air conditioning, to adding heat to speed up the process.

Does baking soda dry a carpet?

If you’re particularly short on time, baking soda can be another viable option for drying your carpet.

The baking soda soaks up the water and moisture and is later vacuumed. But it’s very important that the carpet is dry before vacuuming.

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