How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Your Home

by | Feb 2, 2021 | How To, Carpet Cleaning

Getting The Best Vacuum For Your Home

Vacuum cleaners are an essential tool in keeping your homes neat while making your cleaning routines easy. So, choosing the right vacuum needs to be well thought off. But with so many types of vacuum available, finding the perfect one for you can get a bit overwhelming and confusing. This post will help you find the right fit for your home cleaning needs, so read on.


Types of Vacuum Cleaners
Knowing the different types of vacuum cleaners will help narrow down your options. Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and models. Modern vacuums can even have sleek designs and attractive colors. The size of your space or home, as well as your cleaning needs, will determine the type of vacuum cleaner you will need.

There are two leading types of vacuum cleaners in the market:

  1. Upright vacuum cleaners
    Upright vacuums are perhaps the most common type because they work on almost all kinds of floor types. They have powerful suction and are best for cleaning larger homes. They are ideal for deep-cleaning your carpets. It has a tilt-and-push design that is easy to maneuver during floor cleaning sessions. They are also easier to store as most models can stand up on their own.
  2. Canister vacuums
    Canister-type vacuums have the main tank that comes with a long hose and a motorized brush roll head. These types can clean just about anything – from bare floors to ceiling corners. The long powerful hose and other attachments are also convenient for cleaning stairs and other narrow spaces.


Furthermore, vacuums can either be bagged or bagless. To give you a better idea of which type of dirt disposal to choose, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of both versions.

Advantages of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners include the following:

  • These are more hygienic because it seals dust and dirt in an air-tight bag. 
  • Recommended for allergy sufferers because it can trap allergens and contaminants inside the bag. 
  • Use HEPA filters to remove pollens and dust in the air. 
  • Vacuum requires less cleaning and maintenance.

Disadvantages include:

  • Recurring cost of purchasing more bags.
  • Decreased performance as the bag becomes full.

Advantages of Bagless Vaccum Cleaners include the following:

  • Cheaper and effortless to operate and maintain.
  • With a clear chamber to indicate if it is working or gathering dirt.
  • Eco-friendlier option.

Disadvantages include:

  • Not recommended if the household has family members who have asthma and other allergies.
  • The chamber requires fairly regular and hands-on cleaning and maintenance.

Though both options have their pros and cons, both are still efficient tools for your cleaning needs. In the end, the type of vacuum you should get will all depend on your budget, preferences, and cleaning needs.


Choosing the Right Model
Finding the perfect vacuum for your household cleaning needs more than just a look. You must also test its carrying weight, noise, ease of use, functionality, and the add-on tools that come with it. Kids, allergies, sensitivities, and furry pets are also decisive factors.


Cleaning Different Surfaces and Dirt

Bare floors
Most types of vacuums work well with bare floor types. It is best to choose a vacuum with a cleaner head or brush attachment that won’t scratch or damage your floors. 

For cleaning carpets, a vacuum with a motorized brush is key to lifting debris out of it. Choose a vacuum that offers great suctioning power. Robotic type vacuums would also work well for everyday carpet cleaning.

Cleaning rugs require more delicate care. An upright or canister vacuum that does not use a motorized brush roll is ideal for thick mats. For thinner ones, you can use a hand-held vacuum. Work with it only with a light touch or suction to avoid damage.

Homes With Pets
Some vacuums can clean pet hair and even pet odors. These pet-friendly vacuums come with special attachments to remove hair left on furniture. These vacuums use HEPA filtration to effectively remove dust, allergens, and pet dander from the exhaust.


Our Takeaway: Make sure to choose wisely and pick a vacuum, type and model, that best suits your lifestyle and cleaning preferences. If you plan to purchase it online, you might consider checking out the product in an actual store so you can test the weight and handling.
Also, note that paying more is not a guarantee of getting the best vacuum… but a well-informed decision will.