10 Tips to Prevent Carpet Wear & Tear

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Blog, Carpet Cleaning, How To

From the floor experts at EcoClean,
10 tips to prevent carpet wear and tear.

The average carpet lasts anywhere from 5-15 years. So, how can you make sure that your carpet sees its 15th birthday? Here are some tips to prevent carpet wear and tear.

It depends on several factors, like the kind of wear and tear that your carpet is exposed to. Heavy foot traffic, big furniture, dirt, and even sunlight can play a role in deterioration, but there’s good news – there are many steps you can take to lengthen your carpet’s life and even prevent wear and tear.

Prevent Carpet Wear and Tear

Increase Your Carpet’s Lifespan

  • Regular vacuuming goes a long way.
    Don’t underestimate the power of weekly or bi-weekly vacuum sessions. Without them, dirt can settle into carpet fibers and cause them to wear out in the long run.


  • It might be time to rotate your furniture.
    Furniture that stays in the same spot for an extended period of time will dent or damage your carpet. Plan to move your furniture around once or twice a year.


  • Welcome mats, aka unwelcome mats for dirt.
    To maintain carpet freshness, do your best to keep dirt and debris out of the house. Placing welcome mats at the entries of your home keep dirt where it belongs – outside.


  • Curtains and blinds are true heroes.
    Sun exposure can cause fading over time, so window treatments are in your carpet’s best interest. Install curtains or blinds to shield your carpet from intense UV rays.


  • Address the mess ASAP.
    When spills happen, time is of the essence. Start the clean-up process quickly so the mess doesn’t settle into carpet fibers. A good sweep, vacuum, or cleaning solution should do the trick. If a stain remains, hire professional carpet cleaners to perform a deep clean.


  • No dragging.
    Dragging heavy objects across your carpet can destroy its fibers. Be sure to pick up the furniture when it’s time to rearrange your room. If it’s too heavy to lift, use a canvas tarp or drop cloth covering to keep your carpet safe from harm.


  • Two words: carpet coatings.
    Ask your manufacturer for coating products that will protect your carpet from damage and in turn, ensure its longevity. Remember to reapply the layer periodically.


  • Furniture coasters are your carpet’s best friends.
    Heavy furniture can cause irreversible damage to your carpet by smashing its fibers, which also creates unappealing marks and dents. Place coasters beneath the legs of your furniture to keep your carpet looking and feeling its best.


  • Use rugs to prevent traffic lanes.
    Visible wear can happen over time in carpeted spaces that receive heavy foot traffic. Place rugs in those areas of your home to avoid the appearance of traffic lanes. Not sure what kind of rug to get? Find out which rug material best suits your household.


  • Schedule professional carpet cleanings regularly.
    Certified carpet cleaners know exactly how to combat deeply embedded stains, dirt, and foul odors. Have your carpet cleaned by the pros 1-2 times each year to maintain its durability and freshness.


Ensuring that your carpet lives a long life requires regular care and attention – something the EcoClean team knows all about.

For a cleaning that’s guaranteed to give your carpet a fresh feeling you can sink your toes into, book an appointment with us here.