Why Choose a Laundry Service?

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Blog, Laundry

If you’ve never used a laundry service before, you may be wondering why you’d hire someone else to do your laundry. Whether towels, sports kit, or your favorite shirt, handing over your personal clothing items to someone else to wash may seem a little weird, even if your mum did your laundry for the first fifteen or twenty years of your life.

So, why would you choose a professional service instead of doing it yourself? Well, this article has all the answers, beginning with convenience.

Choosing a laundry service is convenient

To begin with, there’s no denying that opting for a laundry service is much more convenient than the do-it-yourself option, especially with households being busier than ever. This enables you to keep on top of your chores, allowing you to look and dress your best even on those weeks where you barely get a second to breathe. Believe us, we’ve all been there.

Great those “niche” more difficult to clean items

Alongside washing regular clothes, dress shirts, dresses, and other linen, laundry services, such as EcoClean Austin TX, also provide services for more difficult to wash items, such as rugs, silk, delicates, evening dresses, table cloths, and other fabrics.

Choosing a professional service ensures optimal care for all fabrics, reducing your risk of shrinking, color spillage, and other laundry-related accidents, therefore, increasing the lifespan of your clothes and allowing them to look their best for each outing.

Products used during laundry services are less abrasive

Finally, household laundry detergents are often more abrasive than those used at wet and dry cleaning services. Therefore, when you choose a professional service, you’re protecting your clothes and other household fabrics, increasing their lifespan in the process.

At EcoClean, we also use non-toxic eco-friendly detergents and products, protecting your clothing, and doing our part for the environment, too. We are Austin Texas’s most environmentally friendly dry cleaning service, providing you with a much more sustainable approach to your laundry.